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Preparing for your Wedding Day Photos!

1. Test your Makeup. Ever wonder why some people have streaks of white makeup in pictures (usually underneath the eye)?

Well, they didn't apply the wrong shade of concealer.

It's because their makeup was not "flash proof." While it may be invisible in daylight, some makeup clearly shows in photos. The best way to test this is indoors. Apply the makeup on your face or hand and take a picture using your flash. If it shows a lot lighter in the flash, then avoid it. While most makeup artists use flash proof makeup for weddings, it never hurts to test it out.

2. Location Matters. If your planning on taking wedding prep photos, think about where you want to get ready. What is the ideal background for your photos? Whether you choose your home or a hotel, make sure you keep it nice and tidy for your photos. While this might seem obvious, with all the last minute preps and bride's maids sleeping over, sometimes things get a little messy for the pictures the next day.

3. Get ready in Style. Your photographer will be taking pictures of you and your whole bridal party getting ready. Therefore, you might want to think about what you and the party will be wearing. Do you want matching tanks or robes? Whatever you wear, make sure it has a wide neckline so it doesn't ruin your hair when you take it off.

4. Just keep Smiling. The whole wedding revolves around you. Things WILL go wrong and the way you handle the situations will rub off on your guests. So whether you arrive late to the venue or something falls, our advise is to just keep smiling like its no big deal because your mood definitely shows in the photos. You want to look back at your wedding photos and remember how happy you were, not wonder why you looked upset or had a fake smile.

5. Rehearse. Rehearse. Rehearse. Meet up with your bridal party and rehearse your entrance. Have your flower girls practice and go over the entrance order. Make sure to let the ring bearer know who to give the ring to. Lastly, have your bridal party leave enough space between each other so that the photographer can have space to take photos of the party coming in. As for the bride, make sure that the aisle is completely clear before walking in. That way the camera can have clear access to the bride.

6. Leave extra time for Photos. Whether your taking photos before the ceremony or after, make sure to leave more than enough time. These are likely the photos you will hang up in your house later.

7. Wedding Emergency Kit. Keep a wedding emergency kit with your maid of honor. In it include things you will need throughout the day. Here are just a few items: Advil, lip stick (same shade), deodorant, white thread and a needle (in case your dress tears), tide to go, etc.

8. Family Photos. Think about who you want to include in the formal family photos. Let those family members know so that you are not chasing them when its time for photos. (wish I knew this one for my wedding).

9. Important Moments. Let the photographer know of key moments to photograph. For example, if your are having a religious ceremony, you might want to explain important points to your photographer so he knows to photograph them.

10. Bring an Umbrella and a Coat. Sometimes you can never predict the weather. So bring an umbrella with you in case it rains. A simple umbrella will go a long way saving your hair and makeup. A bridal coat will keep you warm and stylish at the same time. The last thing you want is to be sick on your honeymoon.

Do you have more tips? We would love to hear it. Please share it in the comments below.

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